Mapeditor Green Horde

The Mapeditor pack for Green Horde is now available. Use this free software to create your custom Zombicide quests!

Green Horde Kickstarter

Zombicide: Green Horde’s Kickstarter has begun! Now is the time to get on the ride and earn great stretch goals!

Zombicide Compendium #2

Compendium #2 is an add-on for Zombicide, the cooperative zombie havoc board game. It contains 65 missions to play with your favorite survivor team.

Black Plague Companion App now available

The Survivors of Zombicide: Black Plague have a lot to keep them surviving. With the launch of the companion app for Black Plague they'll be able to focus on the important things in life.

Green Horde: new zombies in olden times

The Survivors of Zombicide: Green Horde will have a whole new challenge to face. Coming to Kickstarter on May 30, meet the new zombies in olden times.

Zombicide: Green Horde Overview

The Green Horde is coming, and with this article we take a look at what fresh horrors players can expect from the latest Zombicide adventure!

Zombie Bosses

Even zombies have their superheroes! Rules for the Abomination Pack: Zombie Bosses are available to download. (for free!)

Black Plague Promo Zombies

The gallery is expanding with exclusive promo zombies and villains for Zombicide: Black Plague. Check it out!

Black Plague Promo Survivors

The gallery is expanding with the exclusive promo Survivors of Zombicide: Black Plague! Discover the concept, bio and Skills of Benson, Homer, Paul, Grom, Thallia, Troy & Evil Troy.