Promo Survivor #4


“Skill is a matter of life AND death.”

Inspired and gifted, Eva was unsatisfied with her humble life as an accountant. Being part of the rank and file felt to her like being a zombie. So in her spare time, Eva sketched, sculpted, and created beautiful things. Her artist’s eye allowed her to estimate distances, forms, and perspective. This is also astoundingly useful for shooting. Like everyone else, the zombie invasion changed Eva’s life. Acting normal is now nonsense, and she feels more alive than ever. Extroverted and hyperactive, Eva acts as a messenger between survivors groups. There’s no way she’s going to give up either her notebook full of sketches or her sub machinegun.


  • +1 to dice roll: Ranged
  • +1 die: Ranged
  • +1 Action
  • +1 free Move Action
  • +1 free Combat Action
  • Slippery
  • Gunslinger


• Eva shoots. Even with one or two pistols, she is twice as dangerous as any other shooter. Give her a shotgun, a sub MG, a sniper rifle…anything that shoots, and everything will be OK. You can choose either to specialize Eva in shooting or to give her a melee weapon she can use (though maybe with less talent) in a hybrid style of fighting.

• Eva needs a good gun. She should be supporting other Survivors with gunfire, and that’s all. She can defend herself if Zombies reach her Zone, but she isn’t much of a melee warrior. When the game begins, she needs other Survivors to give her some efficient ranged weapon, but then she’ll do her job without needing that much help. Upon achieving the Red Danger level, Eva can even do some work without any support from the team thanks to her “Slippery” Skill.

• Really, the only thing Eva does well is killing Zombies. She has two obvious paths of development. The first is the way of the perfect shooter: “Gunslinger”, then “+1 die: Ranged”. Give her two shotguns or two sniper rifles and enjoy the show. The second is the skirmisher: “+1 Combat Action” (useful in melee or at range) gives her some flexibility, and either “+1 free Move Action” or “Slippery” (choose the one that suits you best) lets her move to the hot spots on the map.

eva's Survivor ID card